About Us

ASML Group was founded in 2015 by Mark Lu; one of the savviest entrepreneurs in the South African ICT industry.

The group of companies include ASML Logistics, ASML Capital, ASML Property, and ASML Energy.

ASML Group’s head office is situated in Johannesburg with branches in the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal; with plans to expand our footprint into Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi, Mozambique, Angola, Tanzania, and Kenya.

ASML Group operates in the areas of freight, distribution, water filtration, sewage treatment, desalination, renewable energy, industrial service and infrastructure, mobile payment, venture capital.

With our experience in distribution, investment, and technological innovation, the group has evolved to be a formidable, yet differentiated powerhouse capable of initiating new business platforms, value-added services, and creating employment opportunities within the country.

We pride ourselves on being a disruptive force in the industries we enter with leading-edge technologies to enable an improved, and more sustainable competitive advantage, therefore creating more wealth for our stakeholders and employees.

“Service is the best differentiator”

The Founders of ASML


Mark Lu
Chief Executive

Mark Lu founded the PC components distribution giant Rectron in 1995; listed the company on the mainboard of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in 1998 and sold Rectron in 2007. In 2012 Mark started another two specialized ICT distribution companies namely COREX and Partner Tech Africa and sold both companies in 2018. His track record of building sustainable businesses is exemplary. Mark won the award for Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016; one of the most prestigious awards in the business world. Mark’s knowledge and expertise in technology distribution and logistics are superlative and has since then brought in the first automated warehouse system and PC assembly line to SA. He has always had an eye for a gap in the market and believes in creating wealth. Mark is currently the Chief Executive of ASML Group encompassing all factors to operate a powerhouse whilst giving back.

Patrick Chang
Chief Finance

Patrick Chang graduated from University of Cape Town with B.Com Actuarial Science Degree with distinction. Patrick has been groomed into the family business over a lengthy period of time. Patrick’s forte is numbers; particularly in statistics, financial mathematics, high frequency trade, and machine learning.  Patrick firmly believes all future companies should be ‘tech companies’ as robotics and artificial intelligence will replace most of the human labour – instigating his unique instincts in business. He believes that technology will make such a significant impact in the way we live, work, and play and should any corporate not capitalize on this transformation they will eventually be out of business; albeit the size or power. Patrick is the director of ASML Group, ASML Logistics, ASML Capital, ASML Property, and ASML Energy.

Brenda McRobert
Chief Operations

Brenda Mc Robert is the face of ASML Logistics. She is also the youngest General Manager in the ASML Group. Brenda graduated from Milpark Business School with distinction and completed her honours degree in Business Management at Witwatersrand University. Brenda carries a very different perspective in business and has a huge passion for food and wine; with a comprehensive knowledge in spirits. She has been vigorously trained via various positions to gain sustainable business experience before she becomes the main business operator of ASML Logistics. Her vibrant, dynamic, no nonsense operation style has instilled disruptive, innovative elements to an industry that is stuck in its banality. She is also a director of ASML Energy (PTY) LTD. which will assist the South African economy to become sustainable.

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