ASML Energy

ASML Energy is an energy producing business which firmly believes that energy and power are the cornerstone and foundation of any economy.

ASML Energy will help provide electricity that our growing economy needs, without increasing emissions. Our dedication to the environment, consumers and human health has enabled us to provide a sustainable energy solution empowering those with minimal to no access.

Whilst this solution is not limited to any geographical location, it is truly an environmentally responsible source of energy.

With our decades of expertise, we create a safeguard to a successful future of the country.


“The power plant
does not have the energy.
It generates it”

ASML Energy has introduced the most efficient, sustainable and attainable source of energy through the simplest and most environmentally friendly solution.



Stimulating the South African economy through the use of new, durable technologies. This sustainable solution enables the replacement of pollutants such as nuclear and coal production methods.

ASML Energy’s goal is to eliminate the cost of fixing and upgrading whilst providing a clean and monitored system.

The Benefits of a Sustainable Solution

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