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ASML energy (PTY) LTD is a South African based independent power provider. Our primary focus is using a rather disruptive renewable technology to generate, save and preserve energy.

We understand the unique demographic challenges of Africa and therefore propose a decentralised, off-grid, self-sustainable and renewable power generation solution. This solution is for governments, mining and industrial sectors, manufacturing, hospitals, commercial and communities.

Our company also introduces a very innovative power preservation, self recycling system by eliminating the “skin effect” – the electrons are concentrated near the surface of the conductor, while the core area is devoid of electrons, thus leads to the deterioration of the transmitted electricity. It is also designed within a container, which can be transported anywhere, anytime.

Our vision is to let ASML provide a 100% clean, sustainable, and most cost-effective energy to Africa.



“Renewable energy is a clear winner when it comes to boosting the economy and creating jobs

ASML Energy has introduced the most efficient, sustainable and attainable source of energy through the simplest and most environmentally friendly solution.





The utility industry through its changes is affecting all areas along the entire chain, from power generation to distribution.

The industry is in need of improved environmental performance alongside cost efficiency and maintaining reliability. Therefore, ASML Energy wants to assist in stimulating the South African economy through the use of new, durable technologies. This sustainable solution enables the replacement of pollutants such as nuclear and coal production methods.

ASML’s goal is to eliminate the cost of fixing and upgrading whilst providing a clean and monitored system.

This can be achieved through our container units which are stackable and scalable without any limitation; and it is directly connected to customers – avoiding mini substations and can be completely off-grid.

ASML Energy aims to ensure and improve sustainability, efficiency and stability whilst establishing new partnerships and disrupting the industry.


Our Solutions within the renewable energy sector include:

  1. Hydrogen Containers
  2. Power Recycling Containers
  3. Solar and Diesel Hybrid Generators

The Benefits of a Sustainable Solution

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