ASML Enviro

ASML Enviro (PTY) LTD is a technological innovations company focusing on water desalination, disinfection of water supply, water purification and wastewater management.

We use mobile and highly modularized power saving atmospheric pressure steaming technology for water desalination; our cost is nearly at half of traditional RO systems and most importantly, our technology can avoid any ocean pollution from the process such as high temperature and high concentration brine.

We have partnered with ANGEL – one of the world’s largest leading manufacturers of water filters, purifiers and dispensing machines, to provide the South African commercial and consumer sectors with high quality water.

ASML Enviro has introduced a decentralised, low power consumption, yet compact wastewater management system specifically designed for the rural environments suited to the unique African demographic features, our solution is widely adopted in agricultural, livestock farming, township sewage and rubbish.



“The time is past when humankind thought it could selfishly draw on exhaustible resources. We know now the world is not a commodity”

We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.

Wastewater Management

Domestic households, industrial and agricultural practices produce wastewater that can cause pollution from many lakes and rivers. Untreated sewage water in such areas can contaminate the environment and cause diseases such as diarrhoea.

Given the unique South African demographic features, ASML Enviro has partnered with Capital Greinworth introducing a decentralised, compact, cost effective and low power consumption wastewater management system for rural inhabitants, farmers and residents living along the rivers.


A step flow is deliberately designed for the sea water to flow from high to low by itself to save energy consumption. Automatic sweeping is then designed to scrub the surface of the heating panel. No pollution is created as the sweeping machine collects the crystal residue and can be used elsewhere.

This technology does not require a storage tank; therefore, fresh water can be directly connected to the current tap water system.

The desalination equipment carries high advantages including minimal land usage and movable platform in addition to producing highly drinkable water, fresh water, exceeding 2MR.


ANGEL – Commercial Water Drinking Solutions

Angel is a subsidiary under the ASML Enviro business. Their goal is to “improve water quality for the benefit of mankind”.

The main underlying elements  of their products and solutions are:

    • Reverse Osmosis Membrane
    • Water Treatment
    • Softened Water Treatment
    • Washing and Filling Equipment

These serve the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverages, cosmetics and other various industries to promote the continuous development of the water industry.

Angel together with ASML Enviro have a high sense of social responsibility for people’s health and drinking water availability.

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