Cloud 9 Holdings

Cloud 9 Holdings is a private equity business which firmly believes that the small business is the cornerstone and foundation of any economy.

Cloud 9 specializes in helping to foster small business by focusing on fledgling black-owned businesses to assist them in achieving organic growth through investing or acquisition.

Our dedication to the small business sector has qualified us to offer steadfast decision making to facilitate management buy-outs or leveraged buy-outs.

With our decades of expertise, we create a safeguard to a successful future for your business.


“Private equity helps produce strong companies, promotes innovation and spurs job growth”.

Cloud 9 has developed a long track record of sustainable, superior investor returns through pioneering thought leadership, creativity and innovation.

Cloud 9 institutionalise a set of core competencies which underpin our investment approach.

In order to maximise value post-investment and generate superior returns, Cloud 9 recognise that our relationships with other stakeholders such as our people, BEE partners, debt partners, regulators and communities are vital to building a successful, sustainable private equity business.

This approach has been refined to provide a flexible strategy, tailored to investing within the South African markets.

Our two approaches are:

  • Consumer-Driven Growth
  • Infrastructure-Led Growth


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