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Our clients in this industry reap the benefits of our vast experience and expertise in transportation, warehousing and distribution management, together with our additional specialist capabilities in the consumer goods value chain. These include distribution, and debtor’s management.

ASML Customers have discovered that we are the preferred outsourced distributor that has the infrastructure, wisdom and care to deal with the various challenges such as compliance, distribution, imports and exports, storage and reverse logistics. ASML Logistics utilises a self-owned and self-managed fleet of vehicles country wide. Our fleet and drivers are supported with state-of-the-art tracking and in-vehicle security.

We adopted and integrated advanced manufacturing and distribution technology to create a completely different approach to the industries we serve. This includes:

  • Warehouse Automation

  • Artificial Intelligence and robotics

  • In-House ERP and satellite tracking systems

The key differentiator within ASML Logistics is through the use of these three technologies.

Robotics and artificial intelligence will replace most of the human labour – instigating the transformation for technology usage.

Working alongside our clients, we are adept at identifying the constantly shifting challenges, risks and opportunities in this industry. We work closely with our clients to develop customised solutions to mitigate risks, and minimise their impact on costs, service delivery and operational capacity.

People, Process and Practice of Technology

Our unique, highly efficient and sustainable solutions incorporate the key components of people, process and technology. In this industry, accuracy, transparency and efficiency need tight integration in order to limit over, under and incorrect supply and damages.

We know that the effectiveness – and related costs – of quality control is determined by three principles: time to detect defect, time to correct defect, and the quality of corrective action.

Artificial Intelligence, Warehouse Automation Systems and Fleet Management Systems assist in ensuring we remain sustainable, efficient and effective.

Enterprise Resource Platform

ASML Logistics has developed an in-house ERP system that not only assists in processing invoices and control but also allows live tracking of deliveries and proof of deliveries (EPOD). This platform has been integrated with the warehouse management system and fleet management systems to optimise control and management. The customized platform enables seamless integration to the needs of each and every customer. We have further developed an easy-to-use Customer Information System (CIS) which provides real-time information to the customer based on the three technologies that have been implemented to provide such information.

WIS (Winery Information System) is an online system that gives each registered client the opportunity to monitor aspects of their stock in the warehouse. This system makes stock analysis easy as it gives a holistic view of the stock available. The system also provides tracking and order management capabilities.

Query and Tracking

  • Stock Enquiry

  • Delivery Enquiry

  • Invoice Enquiry

  • Stock Transactions

Delivery Request

  • Delivery Request

  • Invoice Upload

  • Consumer DataBase

  • Email Notifications

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

WMS provides the same benefits as our Enterprise Resource Platform, with more accuracy. It is linked directly to the warehouse automation system. Tracking therefore becomes cost-effective and valuable through the Warehouse Control System (WCS).

Our personalised and innovative solutions are developed by carefully considering each and every stage of valuable assets, developing sustainable connections between people and technology. Adopting an integrated strategic approach and looking at your delivery network holistically, our warehousing and distribution solutions are smart, streamlined and efficient.

Our aim is to design and manage or operate customised warehouse solutions that deliver bottom-line benefits by helping you to be more productive, your organisation more efficient, and your business more agile. We implement collaborative techniques, provide tools for measuring success, and advanced analysis, which demonstrates our original thinking.

Industry Segments we Serve:

Logistics and Warehousing Solution


ASML Logistics has enabled smart logistics providing technological efficiencies with reduced human errors and order confirmation. We deliver nationwide within a 24-hour period and are the link between supplier, customer and retailer, ensuring the communication and delivery process is a smooth and efficient one.


ASML has adopted and integrated world class technology to support our logistics capabilities enabling us to meet and exceed service level expectations.


The integration of smart logistics has allowed ASML to maximise on space, decrease costs and increase speed by demonstrating the five building blocks of warehouse automation:


These five building blocks further enable fleet management systems. We are able to monitor the conditions of the vehicle, road, and shipment to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Processes that used to be manual, such as dispatching, are now automated, allowing for much more precision and complexity.


Warehouse automation and fleet management in conjunction with artificial intelligence creates a disruptive and forward-thinking approach within our business and the industries we serve. We strive for efficiency, accuracy and speed of execution. ASML has a strong focus on operational excellence which is underpinned by leading edge technology.


Our efficient logistics and warehousing system have become a trusted and efficient means of transporting goods throughout South Africa. Customers can expect outstanding service when dealing with ASML Logistics.

Distribution and Warehousing Solution

ASML Logistics provides specialised distribution solutions to the food and wine industries. Our service specialises in the primary and secondary distribution, warehousing and debtor’s administration.

We have integrated the smart logistics functions to facilitate this service through warehouse automation, artificial intelligence and fleet management systems. These enablers benefit not only our business operation but our clients too, by saving them valuable time and resources through a streamlined process whilst mitigating risk.

ASML Logistics has partnered with a long-haul service provider to further benefit our clients nationwide. This partnership will assist in end-to-end distribution creating a cost effective and sustainable business for all. We have applied the same smart logistic functions to these long hauls providing peace of mind.

We want to apply our technology savvy and distribution skills to extend and expand our reach in the marketplace whilst utilising state of the art warehouse management, route planning and vehicle monitoring technologies.

ASML therefore aims to provide consistent quality, operational excellence and on-going innovation to achieve a reduction in inefficiencies, enhanced consumer value, improved cash flow and profits for your business.

Importing and Exporting Solutions

ASML has integrated world class technology to support our logistics capabilities enabling us to meet and exceed service level expectations, not only to South Africa but worldwide.

In addition to our smart logistics and specialized distribution we have minimized the complex logistics issues allowing for more precision with regards to distributing worldwide.

The solution puts the customer at ease whilst we handle the value chain.

The value chain ranges from procuring, packaging, transporting and delivering. Included in this are various inspection points to ensure quality control of all products which are being imported and/or exported.

The integration of smart logistics has therefore allowed ASML decrease costs and increase the speed and efficiency and effectiveness in processing orders. This is demonstrated by the in-house ERP system and valued communication.

The key factor within trade distribution is the relationship with our suppliers and the stakeholders.