ASML Group operates in the areas of freight, distribution, water filtration and sewage treatment, desalination, renewable energy, industrial service and infrastructure, mobile payment, venture capital. With over 20 years’ worth of experience in distribution, investment, and technological innovation, the group has evolved to be a formidable, yet differentiated power house capable of initiating new business platforms, value-added services, and creating employment opportunities within the country.

We pride ourselves on being a disruptive force in the industries we enter with leading-edge technologies to enable an improved, and more sustainable competitive advantage, therefore creating more wealth for our stakeholders and employees.


Industrial domain knowledge coupled with disruption, driven by technological leadership and innovation, will have a profound impact on all industries Therefor our vision is for all future companies to be technology companies


Apply our skills and competence to enable wealth creation for our stakeholders and empower our employees; by building a sustainable business that the people within our organization can learn from, grow with and better themselves and, most importantly, make valuable contribution to the community and to society

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