“Modern technological advances in logistics and distribution allow us to handle larger volumes of goods more efficiently and effectively, requiring fewer facilities that are more regional in nature”

ASML Logistics

ASML Logistics is a primarily centred as a Foodtech company and focused on three domains being Cold Chain, Distribution Technology and Commercial Light-Weight Electric Vehicles.

We envisage that all future companies will be technology companies, hence we actively embrace innovations and the unconventional to disrupt industries for the better. ASML invests heavily in disruptive futuretech such as Warehouse Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Fleet Management to limit the possibility of a logistic faux pas whilst simultaneously ensuring a high level of care for the products that we distribute.

ASML Logistics operates in the areas of Food and Beverage Distribution, Cold Chain Fleet, and Metropolitan e-Scooter Fleet and we are exceptionally proud of our operational excellence and track record that we have maintained as a leading service provider for deliveries within the South African industry.

We take personal interest in creating seamless integration into and within our customers’ business and also in providing customized holistic solutions whilst maintaining an out-of-box approach to the specialised distribution industry.

Warehouse Management

The key differentiator at ASML Logistics is through warehouse automation which includes Rail-Guided Vehicles (RGV), Automated-Guided Vehicles (AGV) and Warehouse Control Systems (WCS).

Fleet Management

We have linked the in-house Enterprise Resource Platform (ERP) to support state-of-the-art tracking and in vehicle security; including satellite tracking systems for enhanced monitoring and control.

Digital Transformation

With our IT expertise, we help our clients enable their digital transformation empowering them to progress to selling and marketing their various products via omnichannel, especially online liquor sales.

Specialised Distribution

We adopted and integrated state-of-art manufacturing and distribution technology, including mobile computing, RFID and software to create an efficient transactional platform to the industries we serve.

Our Core Values

We are inspired and committed to co-creating meaningful opportunities with our clients that benefit the industries in which we operate in the environment


“Raka wine has been been surprised on numerous occasions by the service provided by ASML. Late, urgent delivery requests are delivered – even impressing our customers. POD’s and banking recons all received within the timeline promised. Questions and queries are responded to just as fast as they get the stock to our clients. Any delivery problems or delays get communicated immediately; with a solution. Raka wine is very exultant with the service we receive from ASML and can only sing their praise!”

Owner at Raka

ASML is always a pleasure to work with. Their friendly and efficient staff understand the complexities of the wine industry and are always willing to go out of their ways to insure our customers needs are met. Morgenster Wine and Olive Estate relies on ASML to serve our customers as an extension of our estate, and they never disappoint.

National Sales Manager at Morgenster

“Working with your team has been a pleasure over the last year or so. Our business operated from 8 different warehouses but your level of service, attention to detail, and “Making a plan” has been exceptional and top of the list!

Head of Supply Chain and Logistics at Truman & Orange

Our Clients